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Expedia Tag Me If You Can

August 7, 2012 at 10:56 by Martina Comments

In Australia and New Zealand Expedia has launched a Youtube-based contest that takes geo-tagging to a whole new level of fun. In Tag Me If You Can the host, Nathan Jolliffe (a local surf celebrity) travels around the world to 15 secret destinations. Every day he gives clues to participants who have to guess where he is and tag his location within 10 metres for the chance to win a cash prize.

Each player can drop three tags per day, but can earn more credits by sharing the game with friends on Twitter or Facebook. Each time a tag is dropped the advergame will tell the user if he’s Red Hot, Hot, Warm or Cold to indicate how close (or far) he/she is to the destination.

Give it try (you can register with a fake account): it’s a really fun and engaging contest. It’s just a pity that players win money instead of a trip to the destination they just unveiled. It’s a bit of a miss from a branding point of view, but probably winners don’t really n

The agency is BMF.


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