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LG app transforms the Facebook Newsfeed in to 3D

August 21, 2012 at 8:54 by Mark Comments

LG recently asked Perfect Fools to create an innovative new way of reinforcing the notion that the best things in life are even better in 3D.

Together, they transformed the Facebook Newsfeed in to 3D by creating the ’LG 3D Studio‘ which delves deeper in to the new possibilities with 3D viewing whilst also supporting the ‘Life is better in 3D’ campaign.

The web app can be used in 2D but is best viewed on a 3D cinema screen to get the full experience.

Every element of Facebook’s newsfeed was experimented with by Perfect Fools, including how the posts are displayed, navigation, depth, movement, colours, liking and representing content on screen. It transforms flat posts into dynamic blocks, with likes and comments setting the width and height of each stack.

Here’s one I made earlier….

LG are looking for this to be the first product out of the LG 3D Studio projects and will seek suggestions and feedback for future ideas via the 3D Newsfeed app itself and its Facebook page.

Michael Aneto, head of strategic planning at Perfect Fools, said about the app:

“We chose Facebook for the first experiment to make a statement with something universal, loved and fun.

The point of the experiments is to stimulate conversation and imagination so eventually when the target audience think of 3D, they think LG.”

What do you think? I’ve never seen a 3D Facebook newsfeed before so this can claim to be the first. I’m not sure whether it’s something i’d go back to after i’ve used it the first time though.

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