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All gear and no idea - the “DSLR Clueless”

November 18, 2012 at 10:19 by Bridget Comments

Lets face it, most of the DSLR cameras out there in the consumer/prosumer market are used in auto or program mode.  Sony has jumped on this insight to create a dedicated youtube channel celebrating the “DSLR clueless”.

All 8 videos all great, so it’s hard to chose a favourite, but I do love  F-Stop fusspotThe flasher and The macro freak.

Sony is pitching the NEX range as the best of both worlds - as small as a compact camera but with DSLR quality images and interchangeable lenses (see video below).

I really love the insight behind this campaign.  I think that they could have gone further in pushing the brand and product as the sponsor or ‘champion’ of the DSLR clueless. It’s currently halfway between branded and non-branded which is always a hard place to be. The youtube channel links out to the product website (which is a little disappointing after seeing the films). But still, it’s a great insight driven campaign and I’m sure it will grab the attention of those consumers tempted to go DSLR and maybe make those looking for a compact camera feel a bit smarter.

Agency : Havas Worldwide (Sydney)

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