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IKEA, there are two sides to every story

January 22, 2013 at 7:16 by Martina Comments

The new year gives IKEA the opportunity to celebrate new beginnings in life. The brief is quite clear but, of course, there are plenty of different ways to respond to it. And it’s funny to see how the UK and Germany executed the same campaign with two completely opposite approaches: a new life as a couple vs a new life as single.

The Living Together music video (it’s a cover from a Bee Gees’ song) tells the story of how IKEA’s storage solutions can help you making room for a new life together.

In Germany, viceversa, the Swedish brand encourages consumers to let go a past relationship baggage by looking at fresh interior designs.

Either way, in the end, there’s a message of hope for all :)

The agency for “Living Together” is Mother, while “New Beginnings” has been created by Grimm Gallun Holtappels/Thjnk.

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