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Sub-Zero Cinema

March 4, 2013 at 8:20 by Martina Comments

In winter, life of homeless people becomes tougher than ever. It’s cold, terribly cold, and we can’t even imagine how it feels to live on the streets when the temperature goes below zero. Well, in Germany no-profit organization fiftyfifty has actually recreated that nasty experience transforming a warm and cozy movie theater in a freezing environment, just like the one thousands of homeless people experience everyday.

Experience marketing gets aggressive when it comes to charity support. I like it. I like the “in your face” attitude. What I don’t like, on the other end, is that they asked people to donate via QR code. I’m really curious on the conversion rate. How many people had a QR code reader on their phones? I bet all of them had a few spare Euros in their pockets, would have been easier. Faster. And cheaper.

Great ideas don’t always require the digital spin.

The agency is Havas Worldwide, DĂĽsseldorf.

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