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Oreo Super Important Test : W+K = #WTF

March 18, 2013 at 6:51 by Laurent Comments

Here comes a new UWO (Unidentified Web Object) from planet Wieden + Kennedy.

And this time you will experience it on for Oreo.

Once again you are invited to face a Cornelian choice. Biscuit or cream, which one is the best part of an Oreo. Whatever you choose, you will then experience weird videos. Here are screenshots of three of them taken randomly.

It is totally pointless, absurd (I promise this time I won’t refer to Albert Camus…) and for some of us a lot of fun. I have learned my lesson with Oreo, I let you choose your side.

What I simply notice is that W+K seems addicted to #WTF concepts : the iconic Old Spice saga, more recently the Pony Mixer for Three, and now, even if it wasn’t their first attempt with them, this firework which closes their partnership with Oreo.

I don’t particularly point at W+K, as I feel very respectful for what they have been achieving, plus they are not the only one to use this #WTF mechanism (They are just probably the most highlighted and successful). I just wonder if they don’t take the risk of categorizing their creativity. Can non-sense become a trademark ? Let’s not be a spoilsport, one has to admit this is internet DNA, and a lot of people like that. But of course we can’t avoid thinking of the limits of this exercise. I let you think of it and comment while enjoying an old time internet #WTF here.


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