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Chrome Maze : an amazing Chrome Experiment

March 22, 2013 at 10:49 by Laurent Comments

You have to experience this. What an amazing job by Google Japan. This new Chrome Experiment syncs up your computer and your smartphone, and turns any website into a 3D maze, where you can play.

I must say I am speechless. The technology worked perfectly well, it is easy, fast and simple. You use your mobile device to control the ball in the maze. Here is a screenshot from my iPhone. Oh yes, luckily (and cleverly) it is not an Android only project.

If you are unfortunately not able to experience it, here is a short video that showcases how it works. I am particularly impressed by all the details which have been put into the development like the elevators for instance. Therefore it does not only provide a brilliant technology demonstration, but also a good gameplay.

No doubt brands will see there a great potential as well as an opportunity and a wonderful playground for creativity.

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