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Mannequins turned into domestic abuse victims

April 2, 2013 at 7:20 by Martina Comments

Violence on women is a huge problem in Italy. Yes, we are in 2013, but my country is so terribly medieval when it comes to women’s discrimination and domestic abuse. And we still don’t do enough to condemn, prevent and report the problem. This is probably why I was particularly happy to see this initiative that British fashion brand Vivienne Westwood created at their flagship store in Milan last November. Women mannequins turned into domestic abuse victims. Right there, in the center of Milan’s fashion district, where everything is perfectly polished, they decided to punch people in the stomach with a great attention grabbing setup.

The ambient execution not only got the attention of the shoppers passing buy, but ended up in the news on the main TV networks and media outlets in the country. Nice one Leo Burnett, keep them coming. There is still a long way to go…

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