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Rembrandt’s Night Watch comes alive for ING

April 8, 2013 at 8:48 by Tim Comments

This is a piece helped along by one of our former editors, Rocco Stallvord from Holland. At the heart sits an idea for promoting the re-opening of the famous Rijksmuseum¬†in Amsterdam. This is how they announced it…

Since the Rijksmuseum has been closed for a good 10 years, one its main sponsors ING decided to give everyone free entry on April 13th. This is the first day the museum is open again and people will be able to see Rembrandt‚Äôs masterpiece ‘The Night Watch” again in its original place in the Nachtwachtzaal (Room of the Night Watch). So mark April 13 in your calendar, Dutch art lovers and visitors of Amsterdam.

Agency: JWT Amsterdam / We Are First

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