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GPS to get lost

June 9, 2013 at 5:51 by Martina Comments

The Jeep is an iconic car. Freedom, discovery, adventure are just a few of the keywords that get usually associated with the model. The car is very popular in Argentina however, most of the 4×4 vehicles never cross the city limits. To help out Argentinians lacking the inspiration to get out of town, Jeep has created a fantastic a GPS add-on app that will get you “God knows where”, to discover 28 lost off-road spots in the country. Just push the button and start following the instructions.

A great brand service initiative, targeting to existing customers (which is quite rare) that definitely delivers a strong reinforcement of what the Jeep stands for.

After watching the inspiring video, I just hope the app provides you with info also on the amount of gas you should have in the tank in order to get lost but not stuck :)

Nice one by Leo Burnett Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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