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Catch a VW Golf GTI on the Bannerbahn

September 4, 2013 at 11:49 by Tim Comments

If you have ever waited for the traffic lights to turn green while sitting in a Golf GTI, you know why people drive them. The GTI is about horse power and about speed. And this is exactly what Dutch agency Achtung! translated into a fun, playful campaign for the German car brand: Try to catch a GTI on the “Volkswagen Bannerbahn”.

The campaign connects paid banner media space with the real world by challenging the user to catch a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Click on the zig-zaging car that is actually driven by a real driver in the real world. Oh, and if you succeed you can actually win the real car.

Amsterdam-based agency Achtung! has built quite a reputation for well integrated ideas. And Volkswagen Bannerbahn is another great concept that bridges digital with reality.

Agency: Achtung!

Our friend Gerald Hensel who previously worked in Amsterdam (now Berlin) sent us this blog post about work from his former hometown.

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