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What business is AirBnB in?

September 28, 2013 at 5:22 by Ana Comments

And more importantly, does it matter? Due to its laser-sharp focus on providing accessible accommodation to travelers everywhere, AirBnB can afford to explore adding value in its adjacent lines of business. This time, it’s making homes of amazing people accessible to anyone with enough curiosity and affection for design. In partnership with Sonos and a few other LA-based brands, AirBnB created an immersive Hello LA Facebook initiative focused on experiencing LA as unseen before.

The idea is to uncover the most interesting people, places and experiences in LA, all bookable through AirBnB. Spending a night at the home of James Franco, anyone? (Let’s just hope the night doesn’t pan out as in “This is the End” movie…) For those into it, they¬†can kick-start this amazing show-and-tell event by submitting a love letter to LA through Facebook, or entering to win an overnight stay via pop-ups around the city.

Source: Hello LA

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