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Out with the ads, in with the content

September 30, 2013 at 1:56 by Ana Comments

Denny’s and Percolate created something extraordinary. Denny’s is better known asĀ the America’s Diner for the past half of the century. Percolate is better knowns as the content publishing platform for brands. Combine the two and you get an impressive 680% increase of consumer social engagement with 55% less time invested.

The social content campaign created in collaboration with Percolate was a result of Denny’s recognition of social media as an increasingly important consumer touchpoint for the brand. The challenge that followed this realization was equally big: build and expand brand’s digital presence without diluting its widely known and beloved “classic diner feel.”

By mapping Denny’s interests, visual guidelines and key events, Percolate managed to distill this brand’s social DNA that informed all further content selection and distribution decisions. The results are clearly impressive. You can read more here.

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