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GEOX create 7 days of rain in Barcelona

October 4, 2013 at 11:13 by Jeremy Comments

The retailer made a brilliant and awarded campaign last year together with Norwegian agency SMFB by taking their footwear to the wettest place on earth but this year’s campaign has a more everyday feel.

Meet Tom. He’s the latest test subject for GEOX’s waterproof shoe the Amphibiox. And the team have put him in waterproof footware for 7 days in Barcelona.

You might not think of Barcelona as the wettest of locations (and a lot of film is shot there specifically because of its great climate) so the agency together with production partner MediaMonks build Tom his own artificial raincloud so they could follow him through a series of challenges while guaranteeing that he is constantly rained on.

At nearly 5 minutes, I am not sure the film will get record views but for those that know what its like to live in a rainy city – its certainly going to have the right effect. The website is slick and the execution and idea neatly bring to life one giant product demonstration in a very novel way.


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