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Reserve & Pick-Up, by GAP

November 25, 2013 at 3:43 by Ana Comments

GAP has recently unveiled its “Reserve” program, allowing shoppers to reserve a piece of clothing online, and pick it up in store. Right now, the program is in its pilot stage, which means that only selected stores participate, but once it becomes a standard practice, it will be a successful way to counter the ever-growing practice of showrooming.

There is a ton of other benefits, too. The program reduces the risk of online shopping, which is still a factor in online purchases, despite numerous product exploration tools. Users can simply try on their selected item at a nearby store. The program also drives shoppers to store, where they will continue browsing, and very likely, add items to their purchase. Finally, there is a big element of exclusivity and good customer service. Reserve program, above all, makes things more seamless for the user – ensuring their brand affinity and loyalty.

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