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Your wilting lettuce is texting you

February 1, 2014 at 11:24 by Ana Comments

Rotting food, in supermarket shelves and in our own refrigerators, is a big problem. So big in fact, that it weights 7 million tons.

To solve it or, at least minimize it, scientists created a microchip that when inserted into food packaging communicates the freshness of the food inside. As the shelf-life and expiration date nears, the package starts texting the owner, alerting them to consume the food before it goes bad.

Now, the question is, would we care? After all, if all we ever eat is nearly-deceased vegetables, then our diet becomes a race against rot. More environmentally & socially conscious among us will welcome this innovation, though. The rumor is that, Holland, always the innovator, is going to implement this technology pretty soon. Stay tuned.

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