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This is the coolest trophy ever @NewYorkFestival

May 1, 2014 at 1:46 by Bridget Comments

The New York Festivals has taken trophy design to the next level with the help of Sagmeister & Walsh. The design reflects the iconic manhattan skyline.  However, these trophies are like no others as they have a built in projector that plays the winning case study when you pick it up.

I love all aspects of the design and especially the thinking that multiple trophies can be put together back at the agency to create a bespoke skyline.

We got to play around with the trophies and I have to say the effect is quite amazing.  As soon as you pick up the trophy the projector starts to project the agency credits and the winning case study (with sound).  The whole thing reminded me of the first star wars movie with the princess leia hologram.

Agencies can also create a custom video for clients simply by changing the SD card.

It’s been a great experience to judge the show this year.  It’s the only advertising festival that selects one jury to judge across all categories rather than just one channel or discipline.

In addition to the new trophies the festival organisers are really innovating across the board - and even in the way the entries are scored.  Each judge has an iPad and every entry is judged against three criteria (concept/idea, brand relevance and execution).  This data will then be available to agencies to see how each entry, office or region faired.

The awards show is tomorrow night, once the results are public I’ll post a debrief on some of the best work from the show.

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