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Football to Football Translator for the World Cup

June 10, 2014 at 11:11 by Mark Comments

“What’s with all this soccer mumbo jumbo everywhere?” The , a month-long international soccer tournament, is happening this June and if you’re as clueless as the rest of the real sport-loving Americans, you need a little help. Introducing The Football to Football Translator.

Visit the site here.

It’s a Google Chrome extension that translates the sissy international lingo on any webpage into real red-blooded NFL-related terminology. Examples: Football translates to “They don’t mean “real American ” they mean soccer.” translates to “Basically, the Super Bowl of Soccer.” Manager translates to “This is the head coach of the soccer team. A lot of them wear fancy suits because they’re fancy.” translates to “The two minute warning without a TV timeout. Sometimes they add 5 extra minutes for no reason though.” translates to “He’s the pretty boy of the sport who scores a lot of babes and a lot of points. Kind of like Tom Brady.”

Ben Smith, Stephen Dalton and Harold Jones, a of advertising creatives living in Colorado created the app to help their American friends follow and understand all the news surrounding the , beginning June 12th and ending July 13th. Have fun!!

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