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ASICS Kerri Cannon In Your Face

August 7, 2014 at 8:44 by Mark Comments

For this year’s World Series Of Beach Volleyball, ASICS gave fans, both at the event and at home, a chance to experience the power and accuracy of ASICS elite athlete, Kerri Walsh Jennings. How? With the Kerri Cannon, a remote-operated spiking machine that offers those (teams of two) brave enough to face it, a small taste of what it feels like to play against an elite player like Kerri and possibly cop a volleyball to the face :)

High-velocity spikes launched from the Kerri Cannon are meant to replicate the power of top professional female players like Kerri, which have been clocked at up to 65mph. The robot cannon lives above the net and moves along a track spanning the width of the court. So the balls can be spiked virtually anywhere within the boundaries of the court.

Those unable to attend in person had an opportunity to battle live participants via a game experiece on their desktop computer.

The Kerri Cannon

Some fails

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