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The DNA project - A New Kind of Musical Co-Creation

September 9, 2014 at 9:35 by Nikolaj Comments

“When the DNA Project is complete, we’ll have a new kind of an album, one that you can reach into and trace each song back to its origin.”

To me this is just mind-blowingly awesome. I’ve been a huge fan of Electronic Music Producer and Composer J.Viewz ever since I saw him playing “Teardrop” by triggering samples using vegetables. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of how music can be experienced and in this case created. With The DNA Project he is totally redefining how music is made by opening up the entire creative process.

The DNA Project will feature a platform that allows access to the pieces that make up a song. People will also be invited to contribute with their own sounds and it will be possible to download components from his songs to use in your own music.

I hold so much respect for this guy and I relish the fact that this is not a commercial project. Please check out the project on Kickstarter

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