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Boeing builds the buzz online for 7E7

on August 5, 2003 by Martina Comments

“Because” is the nickname of Boeing’s new campaign designed to answer the questions “Why a new airplane?,” “Why now?” and “Why the 7E7?” to promote the new 7E7. Advertising is targeted at potential customers, suppliers and partners in the program, the Company said. But Boeing also wants to reach the banks that might help finance the program. I’ve collected some of the ads I’ve been presented with on Aviation Now. Here is an example. For two more banners click here and here. I can’t really say that I like it. It’s a very simple and not very attractive. Maybe I just don’t completely understand b2b advertising approach. The 7E7 has also a special Web site that features the “7E7 Experience Zone” To read more on the campaign have a look at today’s article on The Wichita Eagle.

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