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Looking for a memorable online campaign

on July 9, 2003 by adverblog Comments

Can you name an online campaign that really strucked your mind in the last six months? Well, let me think… yep, I remember “Pen” by General Electrics, but when I fist saw it I didn’t realize it was an ad… Maybe because I’m not familiar with GE logo or maybe because the campaign was not so memorable… On Revolution Emily Booth explains that online research from MSN, in association with the IAB, points towards a lack of memorable campaigns, despite some groundbreaking work. Is online creativity dead? I believe in some ways, online creativity isn’t even born yet. Anyway, you can get better opinions than mine on Revolution July issue that is still free but, unfortunately is formatted in a almost unreadable way

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Creative counts in online advertising

on June 24, 2003 by Martina Comments

We are getting plenty of evidence that helps us prove that online advertising works. So why then are 99% of online ads complete rubbish? This is the question asked (and answered) by Tom Bazeley of Tribal DDB yesterday on New Media Age. A creative revolution in online advertising is long overdue. To find out how and why, read on the article

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