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Germany 2006: a mobile marketing opportunity

on August 25, 2005 by Martina Comments

In less than one year football fans from around the world will have only one thing in mind: the FIFA World Cup. As Ahmed Siddiqui writes on New Media Age the event offers tremendous opportunities to mobile marketers. Germany 2006 has a potential of $8.4 billion in content revenues but brands need to take into account the event’s peculiarities. The World Cup is a disruptive event as it stops people from doing what they would normally do, so marketers also need to think different, concentrating on pre-game and after-game initiative, when the target’s attention will be higher. According to Siddiqui, who is research manager for the Wireless World Forum, mobile messaging will play a key role in marketing campaigns, since it is immediate and easy to use for the end users.

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