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Online advertising in New Zealand

on October 8, 2003 by Martina Comments

Online advertising in New Zealand is growing, but… does not know how big it is. The New Zealand Herald writes today about a growing market which is still unable to estimate how big is it becoming. According to the article’s author, the introduction of large-format advertising has proven to be the key in the industry’s expansion.

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Rich media always popular

on July 23, 2003 by adverblog Comments

A new research by DoubleClick, reported today on MediaPost suggests that rich media usage continues to grow quarter by quarter, while larger ads have surpassed the smaller options in popularity. The article is pretty good because it’s filled with interesting numbers on the diffusion of different online ads formats. Large formats are getting more and more popular: for example, the leaderboard, a wide unit (728 x 90) that often appears at the top of web pages, is now the fastest growing size at 562% growth from Q2 2002, and is now the fourth most common size served by DoubleClick. Half-page ads (550 x 480) had the second highest response rate at .90%.

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