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Mobiles of the others

on October 20, 2008 by Martina Comments

Back after a long break, I really don’t know where to start from… There are so many projects I should catch up with! So bear with me if I will post about something that is a few weeks old. If it’s good, it’s worth keeping track of it anyway. Let’s start with this website for mobile obsessed launched by Nokia to promote its 7610 model. I can’t help dubbing the site the “mobiles of the others”, because it is all mobile voyeurism.

Confess it, how many times have you looked (or wished to look) at your partner or friend’s mobile phone to discover some segret or simply because you are damn curious??? Well, on Somebody Else’s Phone, your wish become real, as you can “spy” the life of three young characters by viewing content within their Nokia handsets.

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