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Coldplay’s mobile promotion proves successful

on August 5, 2005 by Martina Comments

Revolution Magazine reports the results of the Bluetooth marketing campaign carried out last June by Parlophone to promote Coldplay’s new album. The promotion allowed music fans in London to get free mobile content such as song excerpts, video clips and video interviews, just by turning on the Bluetooth connection on their mobile phones. In two weeks, over 13,000 users opted in to receive. Filter provided the technology. Tags: , ,

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Robbie Williams “Misunderstood” on 3

on November 9, 2004 by Martina Comments

3 and EMI have announced last week the exclusive release of Robbie Williams’ new video, ‘Misunderstood’ to 3 mobile phones before it is premiered on TV or web. quotes the opinion of Doug Lucas, Vice President, Digital Development & Distribution at EMI Music:

“This deal offers us another channel to deliver Robbie’s music into the hands of his fans in addition to monetising content that hasn’t before been available.”

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