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Axe: test your seduction skills online

on May 30, 2005 by Martina Comments

Sex sells. Don’t waste your time saying this is not true. And the game Axe, a deodorant bodyspray for men, is about to launch confirms marketers strongly believe a beautiful, sexy woman (no matter if real or virtual) appeals to young men online. The brand owned by Unilever will has presented last week Axe Mojo Master, a fantasy game in which the player challenges his playboy skills in a series of virtual venues from NYC to LA. Adage explains the female characters have an artificial intelligence and will have specific reactions to different players’ choices. The article also adds Axe has invested a huge amount of money in the game, which has a graphic which resambles to The Sims and features a gaming mechanism which should grant hours of play. Axe Mojo Master will debut on June 20, but on the site screensavers and wallpapers of virtual game characters are already available. (warning: the game is intended for a mature audience

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