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Win with American Airlines

on July 17, 2005 by Martina Comments

In the UK American Airlines is running an online competition to give away a series of prizes. Visitors are invited to match pictures with US destinations, upon completion of the (silly) game, anyone automatically enters a draw to win flight tickets, headsets or theatre tickets. Sorry but I can’t help smiling thinking about the game idea: this week on his show Jay Leno said that according to a National Geopraphic survey, many US teenagers are not able to point the United States on a world map… so Brits should show them where they are

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Ford wants your cell phone number

on November 12, 2004 by Martina Comments

Pan Advertising has created a web site to present and promote the new Ford Focus in Italy. On users can get in touch with the new car and its lifestyle. The most interesting part of the site is the FocusTrip, where people can sign up to win a week-end in a European capital, as well as a fuel bonus or the possibility to drive around the new Focus for seven days. The interesting thing to note is that in order to enter the competition, you need to provide your mobile telephone number. They say it’s the only way they have to inform you in case of winnings… Apparently it’s a smart move to enrich their database, but I believe many users might be annoyed by the “pushy” request.

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Travel by train and win a Ferrari

on January 19, 2004 by Martina Comments

Online competitions are becoming a fashion. Everybody wants to have one, no matter if it doesn’t make sense for the brand or if the game (and the prize) has no connection at all with the business you’re in. The initiative of train operator First Great Western in cooperation with Hamleys (my favourite teddy bear shop) is, in my opinion, a clear example of a no brain “me too” strategy. Customers can enter a competition to win prizes from Hamleys, such as, for example, a Ferrari replica for kids. Tim Hayne, E-Commerce and Channel Marketing Manager for First Great Western says:

“This is exactly the kind of promotion we love to run on the website, the Hamleys prizes are ones which our passengers will treasure and we are always looking for new ways to add value to our customer offering.”

Well, this might be the kind of competition First Great Western likes to run, but if they ask their customers, I believe the answer will be different. People travelling by train would rather like to win free train tickets or a discounted season ticket. What’s the connection between a Ferrari for kids and a train service?

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MTV presents ‘Made in dream’ competition

on November 19, 2003 by Martina Comments

Pubblicit�Italia reports today of an interesting marketing initiative by MTV in co-operation with Sisal, the Italian Company which conducts the National weekly lottery. MTV viewers will be able to join a competition by describing online their dreams. In order to enter users should have a valid lotto ticket. The more the tickets, the more the dreams to submit. The prize? The best nine dreams will become true…

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