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What about wireless advergames?

on January 14, 2004 by Martina Comments

Poste Italiane, the National Italian Postal Service is launching a wireless advergame (with a video clip) to promote its new pre-paid credit card, which is the “son” of an online game featured on The game can be downloaded from an advergames portal as well. The idea of a wireless advergame sounds great also because it’s getting a lot of attention from the media with a positive echo for the branding effect.

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National Postal Services invest in online advertising

on December 10, 2003 by Martina Comments

In the Netherlands, the National Post Service (TPG Post) launched a viral campaign to promote its online postcard service, while in Spain, the Sociedad Estatal Correos y Tel�grafos opened a tender to select the advertising agency to create a campaign for the online postal service. In Italy, as Pubblicit�Italia reports, Poste Italiane has decided to create a series of advergames to explain consumers the characteristics of its new paying systems. There will be an email marketing campaign to tell people about the advergame (which will also have a wireless version), as well as an online advertising creative.

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