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The Royal Navy gets the message

on May 14, 2007 by Martina Comments

In the UK, Glue London has launched an interesting online recruitment campaign for the Royal Navy. Since the message has to be delivered to 15-24 years olds, they’ve decided to go for the media this group usually uses: email and mobile phones. If you have a message to deliver, than take advantage of their “service”… Get The Message it’s a website and an application which allows users to send personalized (yes, they pronounce the recipient’s first name) video messages to be delivered via both email and mobile phones using a variety of Royal Navy hardware from Sea King helicopters to submarines, dive boats and even Royal Marine Commandos. The concept is quite original and surely very well executed. Video plays a key role in the campaign, and it’s surely spectacular enough to get the attention of the picky 15-14 years olds.

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