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Should all brands go mobile?

on February 3, 2006 by Martina Comments

CNET has an interesting article on big consumer brands gradually moving their attention to mobile phones. Cell phones offer the possibility of establishing a direct relationship with customers, and brands obviously hope to take advantage of such opportunity. However, jumping on the mobile bandwagon is not for everyone. As some expert point out, branded content needs to be relevant and high-quality in order to succeed. As you know, content is expensive to produce and, when it comes to mobile phones, it also gets expensive to deliver. This means brands really need to understand whether such investment is worth or not, in terms of ROI but also of brand strenght over time.

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Questioning advertising accountability

on July 20, 2005 by Martina Comments

Can you tell me what’s the return on investment from your advertising spending? Don’t be shy, if the answer is no, as a consolation I can tell you you are not alone. Stuart Elliott today on the New York Times writes about a recent research commissioned by the Association of National Advertisers, that found out most of marketers are not able to forecast the impact on sales of their marketing investments. There are plenty of data to collect, but apparently people haven’t the right models to figure out what those numbers mean.

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Measuring the value of corporate blogs

on July 11, 2005 by Martina Comments

How can you measure the ROI when you launch a corporate blog? Someone says it is impossible, but Heidi Cohen on ClickZ does not agree and provides readers with several hints to understand the blogs’ ROI. First of all you need to ask yourself what’s the business objectives a blog will fulfill, then you can develop a set of metrics to assess your blog success (or failure). I particularly enjoyed two points in the article:

Blogging is a form of strategic PR to raise your brand’s or company’s salience, not a carefully timed marketing promotion. Just because blogging is new, you can’t assume evaluating its effectiveness is impossible.

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