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The bright future of cameraphones

on October 9, 2003 by Martina Comments

According to a new forecast from IDC, the number of cameraphones will continue to climb, with worldwide shipments increasing from 19 million in 2002 to 298 million in 2007. In the press release I’ve found interesting to read that “According to a survey results, 44% of respondents planning to purchase a cameraphone in the next six months would be willing to pay more than $21 per month (in addition to their standard service charge) for the ability to send and receive images over their mobile phone.” I’m definitely part of the 56% not willing to pay for such a service, and not even thinking about buying a cameraphone (at least for now), however I believe these are fantastic numbers in the perspective of using MMS as a mobile marketing tool (see for example yesterday’s post).

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