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Wait less, live more

on August 14, 2007 by Martina Comments

To promote a new unlimited calling feature, Sprint has launched Waitless to give you an idea of how time passes in your life. The site presents two main sections: a time calculator and a series of “Sprintcuts”. The time calculator it’s a rather disquieting feature that calculates how much time you spend on a particular activity in a lifetime. I tried it with “blogging”, assuming I blog half an hour per day, and below you see the result… Actually, the disquieting part of the calculator is the disclaimer sentence at the bottom: The calculation is based on 78-year average human life span. Sprint is not responsible for how long you actually live. I hope it’s a joke… The most interesting and amusing part of the site is the SprintCuts sections, where they use videos to teach you how to save time in some common daily activities, such as opening bottles, peeling an egg or tying your shoes. There is also a YouTube channel where you can upload your own Sprintcuts. The agency behind the whole thing is Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

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