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Newsletters: The Art of Discipline

August 6, 2003 at 5:05 by Martina Comments

I’ve read with great interest today’s article on ClickZ, The Art of Discipline, by Kathleen Goodwin. A newsletter could be a strong tool to promote a brand and establish a direct contact with clients and prospects. Publishing a newsletter is easy, but publishing a precise and effective newsletter takes time and a lot of effort. Kathleen points out seven rules to be followed to keep a newsletter on time, fresh and… successful.
Nothing really new, but a lot of useful tips to always keep in mind.

2 Responses to Newsletters: The Art of Discipline

  1. Publisher John says:

    The internet changes every day and the promotional methods and tactics change as well. The promotional techniques that worked a few years ago are more or less useless today. But there is an efficient tool you can use with no limitations : YOUR EZINE. If you owe an online business or you’re going to owe one in a future, then you must publish an ezine.

  2. Dmitry says:

    I know that such ezines could annoy customers and ruin a reputation of company if you will not create them interesting and unique - it requires fresh Ideas and a lot of efforts. So it could very cost uneffective.

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