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Baseball likes wireless

June 13, 2004 at 8:22 by Martina Comments

Americans are slowly falling in love with wireless. Probably baseball fans will be among the firsts to become “engaged” with mobile communication. Several baseball teams are signing deals to entertain their fans during the (neverending) matches. Recently the Chicago White Sox and U.S. Cellular to offer fans the opportunity to take part in interactive promotions during games, monitoring the results in real time. Interviews on Instant Messaging Planet Doug Rothrock, vice president of marketing and sales at for Vibes Media said something important:

“It lets them get immediate feedback on the use of the technology. It’s a chance to engage people and demonstrate the service � people can try it out.”
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One Response to Baseball likes wireless

  1. I love Cricket- urh says:

    We don’t play baseball “matches” in the USA. Matches are for cricket loving Euros!
    Go Red Sox!
    Hope to see Tom Werner invest in some wireless opps during the Red Sox games. After they stop seeling beer in the 8th inning I am usually quite bored. I am still trying to blue tooth the hotties sitting in the owner’s box.

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