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Levi’s makes life uncomplicated

May 16, 2005 at 7:47 by Martina Comments

levis_un.gifMcCann-Erickson’s TAG youth-marketing unit has created two excellent viral videos to promote Levi’s 501 line of jeans. As explained on AdCritic Interactive, the idea is to position the jeans’ model as the antidote to metrosexuality.
The video I watched is entitled “World Gone Pretty”, and stars a sort of Barbies’ Big Jim trying to change his life to meet the society’s expectations. At the end we understand social networks are too demanding, life is becoming too complicated, therefore Levi’s makes it uncomplicated…… and the viral effect is granted…

3 Responses to Levi’s makes life uncomplicated

  1. MaassMedia says:

    Not sure I would consider taking the time to watch a two minute long video online as a way to uncomplicate one’s life.
    Along the same lines, in this day and age of sound bites and limited attention spans I wonder how effective this ad can be. Can’t producers find a way to get their message across in a shorter 30-second video?
    > –
    Aaron H. Maass

  2. Aaron,
    I agree with you that the video is pretty long, but I also believe Levi’s has an advertising background which is effective in creating expectations in potentials viewers.
    I watched the video because I expected something nice, and they actually satisfied me with original content so that I’ve decided to post about it. Next time I’ll find a promotional Levi’s video I’ll watch it, even if it lasts more than 30 seconds.

  3. Fabio Parri says:

    I agree with Martina. The 30sec lenght rule was something which was useful (and necessary) on old media, like tv, where the message was ‘pushed’ to the viewers. In this case, instead, it’s the interested viewer who ‘pulls’ the ad. I agree that long stories should look out not to lose focus on the brand, though :)

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