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Rexona for Men, fun and blogs

May 23, 2005 at 10:23 by Martina Comments

Have a look at this funny commercial Rexona for Men has launched in The Netherlands. The full version of the Tv spot is available only online on A part from the fact the video is really funny, the cool thing about Rexona’s marketing initiative is that the spot is promoted with a series of ads on influential Dutch blogs (i.e. Retecool).
Again, the idea we need to follow is: go where your target audience is. And if your target audience reads blogs, then advertise there.
The only thing I miss on the site is a “send to a friend” button. Since the video is nice, why should Rexona miss the opportunity to generate a little bit of viral effect?
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One Response to Rexona for Men, fun and blogs

  1. YeeMan says:

    I loved this ad….I will post an archetypal analysis of the ad on my blog when I have time.
    I am not a man but if even a woman loves the ad, the ad has struck some deep feelings of what we believe ” real men” are.. :-)

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