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LG kicks off the “Six Degrees” campaign

June 1, 2005 at 8:06 by Martina Comments

LG Electronics debuts this week in the US with an integrated campaign to promote its mobile phones and educate consumers about their innovative features. The campaign, whose theme “six degrees” illustrates the many ways in which LG mobile phones ensure that consumers are constantly in touch with their worlds, was developed in partnership by LG and the company’s advertising agency of record, BrandBuzz.
Online elements designed by LG to compliment its marketing efforts include a Web-based community for LG customers to share tips and reviews of LG products and enter online promotions and contests; similarly, LG customers can play interactive online games that incorporate LG products and themes, including an exciting new game based on the Fox television hit series “24″ (which, again, works only with Internet Explorer :-(

Cinema ads will be featuring images of trendy, fashionable young adults highlighted by LG’s trademark red hue, showing a variety of people using LG phones in both traditional and innovative ways. In addition to making calls, users are seen listening to music, text messaging and using the Internet, all of which illustrate the many ways LG mobile phone fits into the lives of every consumer, keeping them entertained, connected and informed.

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