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LG kicks off the “Six Degrees” campaign

on June 1, 2005 by Martina Comments

LG Electronics debuts this week in the US with an integrated campaign to promote its mobile phones and educate consumers about their innovative features. The campaign, whose theme “six degrees” illustrates the many ways in which LG mobile phones ensure that consumers are constantly in touch with their worlds, was developed in partnership by LG and the company’s advertising agency of record, BrandBuzz. Online elements designed by LG to compliment its marketing efforts include a Web-based community for LG customers to share tips and reviews of LG products and enter online promotions and contests; similarly, LG customers can play interactive online games that incorporate LG products and themes, including an exciting new game based on the Fox television hit series “24″ (which, again, works only with Internet Explorer

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24 on mobile: a success (of course)

on January 27, 2005 by Martina Comments

According to Fox, “the prop master on drama 24 got more than 50,000 calls on his cell phone after his number appeared on-screen in the Jan. 17 episode of the show”. As Emily on Picturephoning brilliantly points out: “The news of the cell phone “snafu” comes a day after a NATPE seminar in Las Vegas on the marriage of cell phones and video content. Coincidence? Your call.”

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Mobile branding ideas for Fox

on November 22, 2004 by Martina Comments

Last week we talked about Fox launching a mobile version of its 24 series. The news has attracted the interest of The Motley Fool (free reg.) as well, where Steve Mallas wrote a good comment about Fox’ marketing strategy taking advantage of a new channel. The mobile episodes represent a cost-effective way to brand the 24 series, building awareness in users both about the content and the mobile video technology.

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24: the Conspiracy is on your mobile

on November 11, 2004 by Martina Comments

24: Conspiracy will be available to Vodafone users thanks to an agreement signed with Twentieth Century Fox. As AdWeek reports, the series is designed to be seen on 3G mobile phones and will consist in 24, one-minute weekly vignettes to the Vodafone mobile phone community in 23 countries.

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