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The importance of being small

June 7, 2005 at 10:46 by Martina Comments

One of my favourite marketing gurus, Seth Godin, has an excellent post on the importance of being small. What Seth points out is that big is no longer a synonymous of success. Small companies are performing better than big corporation. Blogs run by one or two people get more visitors than national newspapers and so on… The list of examples is not limited to the online world, but provides useful hints for the offline traditional business also.
Think big, act small. This has always been my motto running Adverblog.
Now I’m eager to see if Seth’s predictions will be right once again.

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One Response to The importance of being small

  1. Business Growth says:

    I feel that part of the appeal of being small is that the consumer feels the ‘heart’or the ‘passion’ of the business.
    And they trust it.
    Sometimes, as the business grows and the policies and procedures start ‘stacking up’ the ‘heart’ and the ‘passion’ of the people doing their ‘jobs’ gets lost.
    And the consumers feel that too.
    Consumers may feel that “they (the big company) isn’t telling me everything here… maybe they’re hiding something?”

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