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The water drop advergame

October 10, 2005 at 10:04 by Martina Comments

It took six months to develop it, but it’s really worth playing. The water drop advergame has been created by Polish agency Max Weber for Sanitec Kolo, to promote a special sanitary surface called Reflex. The core idea was to build an interactive droplet acting and looking like a real one in real Reflex Kolo environment.
The game is also in English, but at the moment you need a password to enter (you can get it online). I’m not sure I can give you mine, I don’t want to spoil the viral campaign ;-)
This advergame recently won the Silver Drum at the Golden Drum 2005 Festival (“Beyond the banner advertising”).

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4 Responses to The water drop advergame

  1. ilya says:

    Argh, this game is so bad. How about giving at least a hint on where to look for the password? Or at least not linking the English “want to play” to the page in Polish? I wonder how many people would actually go through the trouble.
    Great blog.

  2. Talarek says:

    try this
    password: roeofoloeox

  3. Lieven says:

    THX my friend.
    I was just getting mad of this Polish site

  4. st├ęphane says:

    Funny but not enough to generate a viral process in my point of view

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