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Google launches Onsite Advertiser Sign-up program

November 21, 2005 at 9:41 by Martina Comments

Reuters reports Google has launched a new feature which will allow advertisers to sign up for AdWords ads directly on the site the want to advertise on. The feature is called “Onsite Advertiser Sign-up” and will surely advertisers looking for niche audiences. As Gary Stein, analyst at Jupiter Research points out, Google’s move is a clear sign that the competition is getting fiercer in this sector, and the search engine wants to keep its existing powerful position through the AdSense program.
Also, from the Onsite Advertiser Sign-up program we can also see that adverising on niche sites such as blogs, for example, is becoming more and more important in media plans. I still haven’t seen the feature in action, but I definitely look forward to see how it works.

One Response to Google launches Onsite Advertiser Sign-up program

  1. james says:

    a masterstroke! The playing fields keep on getting ploughed unearthing new advertising potentials. Google is strengthening its hand whilst giving companies more choice. j

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