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Honda, The Impossible Dream

December 5, 2005 at 4:56 by Martina Comments

On TV there is still room for brand advertising. The Impossible Dream, a great ad created by Wieden + Kennedy for Honda, clearly shows there is still life after the 30″ spot.

28 Responses to Honda, The Impossible Dream

  1. Matthias says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. Why do all those hot brands with hot agencies and hot directors try to be hot by executing an “ok but not great” idea with an exuberant budget? There’s more in life than production value (this commercial together with the second one cost 4,5 million euro!).
    If it’ll win in Cannes, the only reason is that it has Honda in the end. The same counts for Playstation’s Pace of Life, Xbox360′s 3 Joy/Waterballoons/Ropeskipping, Motorola’s Pebl etc. The only recent commercial that is well produced and that has a good idea at the start is the new Peugeot ad. Have a look at

  2. olGrrr says:

    So, life after the 30″ spot is a 1 minute spot that bores halfway?

  3. Mike says:

    You have to know something about Honda to “get” this ad. It tells Soichiro Honda’s life story symbolically…and it is utterly brilliant. As such, it is the ebst commercial I have ever seen:
    -Soichiro Honda the outsider… the guy living in a trailer by the sea, an outsider.
    -Soichiro the grease monkey…this guy looks like a grease monkey.
    -The seagull in a nest tending to it’s young…His dream in the earliest stages.
    -Two Seagulls on the rock….Soichiro and Takeo Fujisawa (Honda’s alter-ego)
    -He begins his journey with a simple mini-bike…symbolic of the Honda Cub.
    -The dogs chasing him as he sings “to fight the unbeatable foe”… the resistance that dogged him from MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) and the Gakubatsu (Japanese old Boys network).
    -The sheep moving together as a group… the Japanese culture of group over the individual. Meanwhile, he motors on by in the background on his individual journey past the group. Two horses overlooking the field in the background-…I haven’t figured this part out yet.
    -The succession of cars and bikes as they progress through advances in developement.
    -The boat flying off the waterfall…his death.
    -The balloon rising out of the mist, with him singing “to reach for the unreachable stars”…on his way to heaven and still dreaming. A Very Happy ending.
    -Underlying the entire commercial is the humor of this guy singing like Andy Williams as he blasts down the road. Honda had a great sense of humor.

  4. Harvey Shearer says:

    Absolutely brilliant.The life(and death)story of Mister Honda himself.
    Somebody re-release this record into the market.A nailed on No.1…CLASS.

  5. steve bridgeman says:

    Quite simply perfection. This is an amazing commercial which works on so many levels. It’s funny, touching beautiful and inspirational. You can almost see the storyboards for this ad as you watch it, it’s just so beautifully thought out and executed。 I love the sense of individuality that this ad manages to capture.It’s a masterpiece.

  6. John Stones says:

    Pure magic

  7. Tony Rigby says:

    But why the number 7 race number Mike?

  8. Rip Gill says:

    A small point, but are you sure that it’s Andy Williams hammering out ‘Impossible Dream’?

  9. Dr Quality says:

    Such a nice commercial. I haven’t replayed one this many times in a while.

  10. Grimgor says:

    This advert is brilliant. The song seems to be made for what they show on screen. Great song too so even if you don’t like the advert, you will like the song.

  11. Nethost says:

    This has got to be the best ad i’ve seen in ages showing the life of Honda, it’s in my favourites shame i can’t find anywhere to download it. Also want to know if it’s Andy Williams, damn good soundalike if not

  12. Nethost says:

    But why the number 7 race number Mike?
    The Isle of man tt race, the bikes number was 7

  13. h says:

    Who’s rendition of the song ‘The Impossible Dream’ is this?

  14. H says:

    Does anybody know who’s version of ‘The Impossible Dream’ is actually being used in the commercial?

  15. eileen says:

    for all you doubting Thomas’s, yes it is Andy williams singing The Impossible Dream. It is an original recording, done by him in the 1970′s I have the original album.
    I hope it is re-released on single.

  16. Denis R says:

    Just an error in the advert… when he shift gear, you see all the other instruments at zero! :D
    I thought he was on full speed!
    Wicked advert anyway… I really want to get a sport car even more now!

  17. mal says:

    who is the actor its driving me mad love the advert

  18. nik says:

    Wow Mike you’re a bit of a scholar aren’t you ;-) .
    You’ve analyzed that advert to the last detail.
    Well done :-) .
    In my opinion this is a inspirational ad.
    I need to see more of these sort of ads on tv.
    Maybe next one should be a metaphor of the life of Bill Gates LOL.
    Btw Merry Xmas ;) .

  19. Shahid says:

    What a beautiful advert on so many levels, its my Christmas anthem and its pefect!
    Now to buy the Impossible Dream

  20. Noobie says:

    What are the last words in this spot? “I couldn’t have put a better …”? I didn’t get that. Thanks.

  21. Roger says:

    Wonder what you think about the Guinness “Rhythm of Life” spot?

  22. Glo says:

    Who is the dude who is doing all the riding.
    Great moustache by the way

  23. Mexxx says:

    anyone know where to get the track from??

  24. andrew ewing says:


  25. andrew ewing says:


  26. P Warren says:

    Notes about the ad and the actor are on Honda’s website - Simon Day was the actor and Steve (I think) Curtis did the powerboat but they digitally replaced his head with Simon’s. Boat will be on show at the London Boat Show next year.

  27. nethost says:

    Andrew do you mean download the whole ad? if so it’s here
    be quick though other sites are taking it down probably due to bandwidth use.

  28. mehboob umarji says:

    its a nice ad and possesses the feel good factor that is probably the remit from the client brief.lovely entertainment.
    however, the 10″ cutdown is very poor.
    honda have been hoodwinked by wieden and kennedy for quite some time now. the cog ad is good entertainment but the idea is not original the original idea came from an art exhibition.
    this ad is too long, the central idea can be whittled into 40″ the result is pure indulgance.
    if i were the CEO of Honda i’d sack the Marketing director ASAP as the marketing director and replace with someone who is interested in selling cars and not making sexy ads.

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