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Axe: The order of the Serpentine

March 5, 2006 at 9:58 by Martina Comments

Via Adrants, the latest crazy idea by Axe: “The order of the Serpentine, a sacred brotherhood helping young men overcome shame caused by questionable hook-ups”. For every man aiming at having a clean body and a clean conscience, Axe has launched a new scrubbing gel promoted with the usual, unusual viral idea.

2 Responses to Axe: The order of the Serpentine

  1. Mr Eamcat says:

    Saw this advert whilst on holiday in the US and found it very funny – it appealed to my twisted British humour.

  2. DrKuha says:

    I think the ad is reprehensible. I mean, here they are, recruiting members to a snake cult putting up the dubious front of trying to sell soap! I am very suspicious, and mistrustful of them. I wrote an article about it: here.

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