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Be kind to smokers, they already have a short life.

March 5, 2006 at 9:58 by admin Comments

In Belgium Snow (a division of LG&F) launches a national campaign (TV, print, online) against smoking. The campaign is very funny and uses a different approach, depending on the medium. Also banners with different messages are created for online media (depending on the topic of the site they are placed on).
It’s a powerfull campaign that focusses on smokers but also on the non-smokers which can become buddies to help people stop smoking.
On the campaign website you can send in tips and tricks for the people in need (smokers). :)
I am sure this is a campaign that will stick in peoples minds.

3 Responses to Be kind to smokers, they already have a short life.

  1. Anas Khan says:

    I’m not sure how this is possible but this isnt an original idea. This concept has been used in an anti smoking TVC in India.
    Lemme describe- Young man gets onto a commuter bus and since there isnt any space to sit remains standing. After a while he lights up.An old man sitting suddenly gets up and very kindly asks the young man to take a seat.
    The young man refuses but the old gentleman is so insistent that finally he accepts the seat. And the old man remains standing.
    Fade out- copy appears with a voice over.
    ” Be kind to smokers. They dont have much time.”
    Now it might be the same network agency and its possible that this idea has been adapted but I dont think there is any difference at all between the two.

  2. Dina says:

    Even though this may not be the original execution (as Anas Khan says), the idea itself is brilliant: in most social advertising i have seen so far, the image is more powerful in terms of impact than the copy itself. In this case, the impact of the copy is so powerful and the message so sharp although the image is milder.

  3. sean says:

    Yeah it’s a whole new approach and this approach demeans smokers and people would have to think twice in lighting a cigarette once culture is attuned to this idea. IOW, cultural pressure is going to make smokers quit.

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