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Mystery Solved

May 6, 2006 at 10:45 by admin Comments

So here we go. The constant consideration about how and when to utilize what part of the digital communication channels and how to glide that into the overall marketing to end up by giving the user one harmonic and elegant experience with whatever messages you are seeking to get across is closing in with this solution, I think.
I just had a go at The Da Vinci Code today powered by Google… I must say that they have done a great job integrating the Google offerings in the quest.
Check it out for yourself – I am actually quite impressed with the way it flows. First of all you need a Google account – excellent conversion trigger. Then they take you through the quest and facilitate you with different Google products along the ride to ease-up the mystery solving for you. You will probably meet products in a relevant context from Google that you did not even know they had – until having challenged yourself in the quest.
Elegant example on how to integrate a series of products in a user relevant context to stress where and when these products become helpful… And a great way of utilizing the digital communication channel as an integrated part of the movie launch.
Go Code Crunching:

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  1. Great post; great insights. –M.

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