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Discover the Black Diamond

November 8, 2006 at 10:12 by Martina Comments

My friends at Publicis Net Paris just launched an online sensorial experience around the new Thomson’s Black Diamond mp3 player. The site is available in three languages and aims at engaging the visitor with a unique elegant and sophisticated product.

Not everything on the site is 100% original, as the tactile experience has already been seen some time ago with Mercedes from A to S, but in any case it’s a good website which plays with the senses and features the product in a stylish way.

2 Responses to Discover the Black Diamond

  1. JEAN NASR says:

    What is the point of such a shallow website.
    Okey, i agree the site is well deisgned and the sensorial features are great.
    But, why spend so much on such a egocentric website, if i can say so, and not do something more interactive in order to make people share the sensorial experience?

  2. paul Jason says:

    After 5 minutes on the site I have no idea as to what the Black Diamond actually is?
    Oh - by clicking through to the thomsonlink site I realise its an mp3 player?!
    Too much fluffy stuff and not enough meat…

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