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British Airways, come fly with me

November 30, 2006 at 11:18 by Martina Comments

British sense of humor arrives to France, with a new Publicis Dialog advertainment website for British Airways which makes fun of low cost airlines (link removed). Unfortunately my French is not good enough to appreciate the jokes, but I find very interesting the fact that British Airways “dares” launching an interactive campaign in France to challenge its natural competitor Air France (and not only the low cost airlines).
An article on Le Journal du Net, explains a few more things about the campaign. The site Serviceaprè is actually only the first of an effort which will grow over the next few months with more media (outdoor and mobile marketing, for example) involved.
To my Italian friends, the website will remind the brialliant “No Alpitour? Ahiaiaiaiai” campaign realized a few years ago.

One Response to British Airways, come fly with me

  1. matthieu says:

    The biggest play of word is “Pigeon voyageur” or carrier pigeon. Pigeon has a double sense: the bird but also a sucker…someone who has been played, here by the low cost carriers. The two characters are actors (Fred and Omar), I believe, who do have a small TV show call “Service apr√®s vente” or Customer services.

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