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British Airways will make you miss your mother

on August 31, 2013 by Jeremy Comments

British Airways launched an online video encouraging families to reconnect. Published last month, it aim is to help promote flight services that connect North America with India. The long form content tells the story of a mother in India detailing the pain of separation that has been caused by not seeing her son for since he was 17. [Warning: tissues may be required.]

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BA Ticket Giveaway SIM

on May 3, 2013 by Mark Comments

A full-fledged flight simulator available to Victoria St commuters, offering the opportunity to win a trip to seven sunny locations by landing a Boeing 777 correctly on an airport of that destination. Read more…

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British Airways & MINI Olympic symphonies

on August 2, 2012 by Martina Comments

Nice little interactive project by BBH London for British Airways. All the tweets, posts and messages that British fans share to support home athletes at the Olympics are compiled creating a sound wave that shows the amount of social buzz throughout the day. An interactive symphony is played, and the music shows a crescendo when the social conversation gets louder and, viceversa, slows down when fans become more quiet . Read more…

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British Airways and Pam Ann

on October 15, 2007 by Martina Comments

A post to begin the week with a laugh or, at least with a smile. Check out the latest British Airways online campaign, starring British comedian Pam Ann. Let’s start by introducing Pam Ann with an hilarious video (not related to BA) I found on Youtube…

And then let’s go into the details of the spoof campaign created by to highlight the quality of BA’s cabin crew.

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Upgrade to British Airways

on October 11, 2007 by Martina Comments

From the logo to the heart and soul of British Airways, a virtual path through a kind of cross stitch pattern. has created a click and zoom experience to let flyers visually discover the quality of BA services on board.

The idea of a navigation from image to image is quite interesting as it results quite engaging. Click after click you get more curious and you keep clicking to discover what’s next.

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BA attractive (and artistic) prices

on April 15, 2007 by Martina Comments

Wow, British Airways can be artistic and poetic with TV advertising. Too bad their website stays sooooo flat. What a disappointment.

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British Airways, come fly with me

on November 30, 2006 by Martina Comments

British sense of humor arrives to France, with a new Publicis Dialog advertainment website for British Airways which makes fun of low cost airlines (link removed). Unfortunately my French is not good enough to appreciate the jokes, but I find very interesting the fact that British Airways “dares” launching an interactive campaign in France to challenge its natural competitor Air France (and not only the low cost airlines). An article on Le Journal du Net, explains a few more things about the campaign. The site Serviceaprè is actually only the first of an effort which will grow over the next few months with more media (outdoor and mobile marketing, for example) involved. To my Italian friends, the website will remind the brialliant “No Alpitour? Ahiaiaiaiai” campaign realized a few years ago.

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Travel the Google Earth with British Airways

on September 3, 2006 by Martina Comments

British Airways is using Google Earth to promote its discounted rates to over 100 destinations worldwide. NMA reports the airline has created a “layer” to Google Earth which allows users to research holiday or business trips with high-resolution satellite images. By browsing the world with Google Earth, travellers wannabe can learn the most relevant information about the chosen destination as well as the most updated British Airways fares to get there. A very original idea that once again confirms how powerful Google’s tools are when it comes to online marketing. It’s just a question of using a little bit of creativity and imagination, then the sky is the limit, and British Airways (together with, I believe) has clearly shown how far and cleverly you can go.

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British Airways to relaunch its website

on March 15, 2006 by Martina Comments

British Airways is about to relaunch its website to increase the ticket sales online. As explained on BrandRepublic, an internal team is working on the new site. The news site also reports BA is investing £200m in improving the travellers’ experience to fight the competition of low cost carriers, by reducing the cost and increasing the overall customer experience.

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BA has mobile marketing in mind

on December 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

Brandrepublic reports British Airways will soon start using mobile marketing as part of its promotional and customer service activities. BA has been testing the medium during 2005 and given the positive results, it’s ready to make mobile communication part of its business. They recently have appointed Incentivated to run the mobile activities.

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