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British Airways & MINI Olympic symphonies

August 2, 2012 at 6:51 by Martina Comments

Nice little interactive project by BBH London for British Airways. All the tweets, posts and messages that British fans share to support home athletes at the Olympics are compiled creating a sound wave that shows the amount of social buzz throughout the day. An interactive symphony is played, and the music shows a crescendo when the social conversation gets louder and, viceversa, slows down when fans become more quiet .

The sound of Home Advantage can also be customized to filter the buzz by athlete, event or venue.

I love the idea, it’s a pretty elegant way to leverage the Olympics social buzz. However, I also feel it’s quite disappointing that the music sounds (almost) identical every day, plus it’s a bit too similar to those relaxing sounds of nature CDs. It’s a missed opportunity, as basically you have no reason to come back to the website and therefore be exposed to the British Airways brand again.
In the country of the Beatles a more pop and/or rock & roll approach could have been cooler.

BTW, if you like Olympic symphonies, you can also check out MINI’s + London Philharmonic Orchestra tribute to Team GB.

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